100% Natural

we only use REAL NATURAL henna. The way to tell the difference is identifying the color. Natural fresh real henna is never the color black. Our henna gives a reddish brown, maroon or burgundy color tattoo stain once the initial henna has dried and fallen off. We add fantastic glitter gels that add pizzaz to the art design. These glitter gels do not leave a tattoo stain, but they stay on until you peel them off. Our henna art is unique, traditional and special and we are proud to say that  Henna is ranked top henna artist for parties and events. And everyone loves them.

What is HENNA?

Henna is a plant which grows in hot, dry regions like the Middle East and Northern Africa. The leaves are dried and pulverized into a powder. The powder is the main ingredient used to create the paste needed for henna tattoos. Henna paste stains skin just as a wet teabag stains a white tablecloth. Artists apply henna paste in patterns on people’s skin, and that will leave a temporary stain when the paste falls off. The henna stain will be orange when the paste comes off, and that stain will darken to a dark brick red or brown color in 48 hours.

How long does henna take to dry?

Outdoors during the day, about 20 minutes. Indoors in the evening, about 45 minutes to an hour. We recommend leaving it on until it naturally crumbles off, about 2 hours. Our fresh henna is imported from a local farmer and is 100% safe and natural. We only mix water and eucalyptus oil to mix it, fresh for your event. Our henna is made in house and we use FRESH and Natural INGREDIENTS only. You can be sure you are getting the best quality henna with us.

We draw only traditional Indian and Arabic style. As well as Hawaiian theme, flowers of Hawaii, tribal and we can even mix up the styles to create unique designs

How long does your henna last?

Our henna can last up to 2 weeks. Henna stain will last longest if you keep the area dry for the first 24 hours. We don’t require any other special attention to care for your henna.

Is henna safe?

Yes. Henna has been used safely for over 5000 years. Our henna is a completely natural product. 100% pure natural henna and pure eucalyptus oil.