Airbrush tattoos are so quick, they are perfect for the child that can’t sit long. It’s perfect for the teenager that wants the latest tattoo but doesn’t want to permanently alter their body. It’s perfect for that adult that’s always wanted to see what it would look like but doesn’t want to make it permanent. Because they are so quick, often they are applied to ankles, arms, upper and lower backs and just about every modest body part.

Airbrush Tattoos  are  a safe, fast method for fun. They last, but come off when you are ready to remove them. They scrub off with soap and water or alcohol if not water based. There are many designs to choose from, ranging from little teddy bears and butterflies to armbands and dragons. The selection keeps all, young and old, coming back for multiple tattoos throughout an event. Combinations of tattoos and letters add to the endless creative options! Add some glitter and you have a dazzling design that delights both the user and viewer.

With airbrush painting, the brush never touches your face or body, making this a very hygienic method of applying tattoos. The combination of airbrush and stencils allow for designs that are beautifully blended with resulting shades of color otherwise unobtainable via the traditional brush method.

Make your party the event of the year and give your guests a memory they can take with them! I do all kinds of events from birthday parties and bar and bat mitzvahs, to grad nights and festivals. With over 300 tattoos to choose from, everyone is sure to find a design they like.